Dear Mommies,

Why you should choose Ann&B ?

  1. Ann&B is unique, we are the Only Handmade and Custommade babyshoes production worlwide.

  2. You will not find any other similar product to us, be it the design or the quality of our product. Feel free to browse and search others.

  3. We can produce the smallest baby shoes size of 8 cm which would be suitable for the new born. Imagine dressing up your precious baby that is days old right from the hospital, and going back home in style.

  4. The baby shoes production is purely 100% hand made with love of our baby shoes specialists.  

  5. Ann&B is once again unique, and we do mean it. We always produce only in limited edition as we understand that you want to be different.

  6. We use anti slip material with vanilla scent for our baby shoes products. 

  7. Your satisfaction is our top priority, we put forward the comfort and quality of our product above anything else.

And if the above is not enough to convince you, have a look at our testimonial page and see how we have been praised by many.