Dear Mommies,

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you all at the Ann&B website

Ann&B is unique, we produce baby products and specializing ourselves in baby shoes. Our producsts are different and glamour with many advantages to your baby. Our baby shoes are 100% hand made and made with anti bacterial, vanilla scent and all are made on a limited edition. The packaging is always exclusive which will be great option for you who want to give present to your loved one or simply a gift to your family and friends. 

Other than shoes, we also have t-shirt and pants for baby. And even if the last two products are not handmade like the baby shoes but we can assure you it is hand picked by our fashion stylist with main focus on the quality of the product.

A little bit of us and how it all started,

Ann&B was establised in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia on 12 May 2014 and we are now have moved our office and production centre to Kuta, Bali, Indonesia following the move our my family to this beautiful island.

And as you all can guess, the name Ann&B is taken of the initials of the two children of mine who have been the greatest inspiration of this company. Ann stands for Annabella, my second child and B stands for Nabila, my first child (we call her Queen B). And as for me, the mother, i am a shoes freak who used to collect shoes and like to be different, even when it comes to my two angels's shoes. But since i was not able to find a unique baby shoes product so i decided to make one, and that moment marks the beginning my journey. 

I simply started making baby shoes just out of curiosity to make my very own unique shoes for my second child who was still in the womb at that time.  With only IDR 100,000 that i spent to purchase for the equipment and material, at the beginning there was no vision, mission or even dream of making this shoes a business like how it is now. 

So i was expecting my second child and i was on my 4 months pregnancy when i started to plan to prepare for her arrival from all items including the shoes (remember i am a shoes freak), and based on my first child experience it was almost impossible to find a unique product that could match to what i expect for my little angle. And i thought to myself, if i can not find it then i will try to make one. Easier said than done.

One other thing about me other than my love for shoes is that i am a technology freak too. I am holding a bachelor degree in Information Technology and also just recently completed my master degree in Information Technology. And i have a faithful best friend who is always there to support me, Mr. Google. He is also the one who originally introduced me to the know how on making my very first baby shoes even without any background in fashion and i had never even have sewing experience before in my life. 

I still remember the first shoes size i made with my own pattern was just  for 7 centimeters (baby doll foot size) with some ribbon decorations. And being a mom with many mommies friends, it was just such a great accomplishment for me to show them all off in my social medias, i was posting them in my Path to many of my closed circle friends. Just within hours after my initial posting, a very good friend of mine asked to me for one of the pairs, then i straight away given one pair to her (i was too nice), and within days there were many more request for the one that i have made and also for different models. And i love those challenges and i kept on making many many more pairs then i started to charge the materials and production cost to those friends who were ordering and they obvioudly did not mind it.

Did i tell you that i was doing all this while i was pregnant with one child (without nanny or baby sitter) and on the mid of my final paper of my master degree?

When i started to deliver the shoes to my friend the packaging was very simple that the shoes were received not in a very good condition, and this lead to my decision to get serious by ordering my first 100 pcs of box simply to protect the quality of the shoes during delivery. And only within two months i had to place my second box order but this time was for 500 pcs and i was just too overwhelmed with orders that i started to find people to help me. Back then i used to tell people that there are employees in the company but the truth was that it was only me and my only help was from the almighty, Allah SWT. 

There were sleepless night, lack of motivation and mostly lack of power to do all this by myself. But now i have real people working to help me, i choose to help and to spread the knowledge that i have to people around me, i have no secret and i am happy to share this knowledge to everyone.

I always tell people that i don't just create shoes, but what i am creating is an art. It comes from my heart, doing things that i love and truly passionate about.

In this business i put forward my customer satisfation as my top priority, the contact details are really my very own personal detail and i am asnwering every single question by myself by ensuring speedy respond to any queries i received.

Last but not least, i am doing all this for my two beautiful angels. I quit my office job and focus on Ann&B is not only for the business but most importantly it is for me to be able to watch over my kids at home. I believe in God and i have my faith to lead me along the path of my life.

And to all of you mommies out there, i have no better advice to give you other than for you to believe in yourself. You can be anything you want as long as you believe that you can.